033: Solo

We were intending this to be a combo episode about Solo and our upcoming Disneyland trip, but we got so caught up channeling our inner Siskel and Ebert, that we’ve had to split it into to episodes. This is the first part, just about Solo. Listen to find out how these random things we said actually make sense in context:

  • “You could remove him from that Jenga puzzle, and nothing would have fallen.”
  • “What is she doing in this role?!”
  • “Just kind of being blown like in a Pantene commercial.”
  • “Ohana means family.”
  • “I want to see his heart broken.”
  • “It was like nods on steroids.”
  • “We’ll talk about Killing Eve in another episode.”
  • “There should be a little microphone recorder that’s next to your head.”

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