013: Truer than True Romance

Truer Than True Romance by Jeanne Martinet is a rewriting of classic 1950’s romance comics with a definite tongue-in-cheek reaction to the way women and teenage girls were depicted by male writers in the comic book industry. Many of these tales involve a haphazard female lost in the maze of love and men with often sad, angsty results. Often they ended up with a happy ending of love and marriage, but remember, these were written by men for a female audience. The stories are very much from a male perspective of what they thought women were like, but Jeanne Martinet takes that genre and flips it over and body slams it to the floor.

The result if hilarious, side-splitting rewritings of those ridiculous scenarios into even more ridiculous plot lines. We have read this book over and over again, sometimes gasping for air because we were laughing too hard. This one is a keeper. Unfortunately it’s out of print, but grab a used copy. It is a treasure.


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