012: Food in Literature

Food has always been an important part of how people wrote about themselves in literature. Either from lack of food in many adventure or pauper stories in children’s literature to great feasts and regional foods reflected in the books we love so much, food is a vital part of our memories.

Mentions of food in stories strike a deep core of taste memory for me as a reader, a mere mention of a cup of cocoa or sandwiches and I am transported back to the moments when I ate or drank those foods as well. Below are some links to books and articles about how food in books has inspired food in real life. So the next time you are reading and come across a mention of food, pay attention, read it again. And then try making it at home. Eat your books.



Stills taken from Dinah Fried’s book Fictitious Dishes.

Dinner with Mr. Darcy by Pen Vogler

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