003: Transcend the Stress of Life

2016-05-07 14.58.44

Taking a Break from the Hustle

There is something that gets into your soul when you go out into nature. So much of what I experience is in the context of city life, and as much as I love the accessibility of luxuries and services of the city, I hate it too. I’m one of those people who fantasize about living in the remote country but after two days of it would start pulling out my hair for Chinese delivery and a 2 minute walk to a convenience store.

But if you too yearn for a connection beyond human interaction, something that touches the bigger thing that envelops us all, go outside into nature. Really, there are studies that show us that nature relieves stress and can be beneficial to our health.

Go visit Walden Pond! Little Yosemite! The real Yosemite (it’s on my list of places to go this next year)! Or just your local garden/park. Go out and accidentally breathe in a bug. It will do you good.

Also, what books do you enjoy that touch on transcendentalist themes? I would love to know! It might end up on my reading list for my class!

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